Premium Composite Decking

Low Maintenance Composite Decking

What is Millboard?

Millboard® harmoniously blends the timeless elegance of authentic timber with the remarkable performance of our innovative wood-free material.

Moulded from Oak

Low maintenance

Highly slip-resistant

Lost-head fixing

Rot & Split Resistant

Unique & Modern

Millboard Decking

Millboard decking is the ultimate blend of style and durability. With its wood-free material, it looks like real wood but won’t warp or fade over time. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and hello to more time enjoying your outdoor space!

Whether you love the timeless appeal of traditional wood or crave a sleek modern look, Millboard has got you covered. Their decking options come in a range of stunning finishes that will transform your outdoor area into a dreamy retreat.

Sustainable Decking

Environmentally Conscious Choice

Millboard decking products are designed with an environmentally conscious approach in mind. Unlike traditional plastic-based decking, Millboard contains no plastic and is manufactured using a low-energy process system that consumes only 2-6 MJ/Kg. This is achieved by using a blend of recycled materials and reclaimed natural minerals.

By choosing Millboard decking, you not only enjoy a high-quality and durable product but also contribute to the conservation of our precious forest resources. Opting for a non-timber decking solution helps minimize the impact on forests and supports the preservation of these valuable ecosystems.

Premium Product

Pricing Guide

Millboard® decking is a Premium Product and pricing per meter square starts at approximately $345 Incl. GST and screws. Please contact us for more information. 


Enhanced Grain

Decking that perfectly replicates the beauty of prime oak


Weathered Oak

Decking boards with the timeless dignity of aged oak



Ultra slip-resistant decking with integrated grip strips